The Ultimix Medley Collection Volume 4 / Magic Carpet Ride
Busta Rhymes: Enjoy da Ride
[Busta Rhymes]. "We just sparkle now". "Yeah, We just sparkle now". "We just gon' sparkle now". "All niggas, yeah, we gon' sparkle now". "Yeah, we gon' shiiine aaand we are gon' sparkle now". "Yeah, Yeah we gon....ha"

Yo, Yo You know I be the meistro. Rages are (brand spankin' fresssshhh!!). And always with the right glow. Get ya hyper like a nitro taebo cycle. We 'bout to knock it outta sight yo..ha. Ya know I keep a tight flow, ever since a little nigga yo. They always say they might blow. Nowaday we shinin bright yo. Even the cool joints'll make a nigga straight to wanna fight though. High roller, mind blowin', wild bonin'. Take y'all niggas for a little ride just like they motherfuckin cyclonin'. Yo, you know my niggas stay holdin'. Now we see some jealous niggas on the side all in they mouth foamin'. While we roamin' and we zonin' play the right role. White bowl, we still'll take a nigga white goal. Before we break fast break glass take trash. I'll bust ya shit and go and chase ass. I'm sayin' this now

Chorus (2x) [Busta Rhymes]

All my party people (party people!). You need to come inside (come inside now!). Because we got it people (ya know we got it for ya!). So just enjoy the ride (yeah, enjoy the ride now bitches!)

Yo, you know I be the captain. Blaze it out and bring you all the hottest scene of action. I gotta gotta give it give it to ya (Oooooh!). Let me light a L pass a glass of henny to ya (Woooh!). Now let me get my little shine on rhyme on. And give ya shit to keep ya mind on. Check it, I keep toast and rock the most. Break it down blow the sheet up and vanish like a ghost. Whether you're spanish or speak another language I hope. The way we damage shit I hope you're the cult, my nigga. Check it, eh, you know I be the champion hands on. And make the bitches get they dance on. Black it out from the back of da house. To the front, whatever you want. Fuck what they yappin about. Eh eh, before we ride we check ransom. Smokin' the spot, like how we smoked the live in the mansion. Yeah, the way we hold bank roll. ????????? sometime this shit it made me have to stack folds. Ha, we all up in ya asshole. So hot shit possess you and get all in ya damn soul. We got you drenched drippin up in the spot. We took it from you now we holdin' the rock (D-O!). The type of shit that make ya rush sometin' touch sometin' buss sometin'. And make you wanna go and fuck sometin'. I'm only talking to...

Chorus (4x)

[Busta Rhymes]. "Just float just like we all in the ocean". "Yeah, yeah, see, we 'bout to sparkle now". "We are gon' sparkle now please, now". "Just let us sparkle now, yeah, yeah, we gon...ha". "Yeah, ha ha...we gon' sparkle nooowww!"
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