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Blur 21 (The Box): Parklife
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Blur 21 (The Box): Beetlebum
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Blur 21 (The Box): Tender
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Blur 21 (The Box): This Is A Low
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Blur 21 (The Box): There's No Other Way
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Blur 21 (The Box): She's So High
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Blur 21 (The Box): To The End
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Blur 21 (The Box): End Of A Century
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Blur 21 (The Box): No Distance Left To Run
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Blur 21 (The Box): M.O.R.
Latest News:
Beach Boys
The weathered blue and white surfboard was lent by a friend as a prop for the show, and signed by two of the Beach Boys, including group co-founder Mike Love. A surveillance photo shows a woman in [...]
2025-09-19 13:26:26 UTC (-1 decade ago) - Related Articles
Aretha Franklin
In 1965, Otis Redding wrote and released his song "Respect" which was later popularized by Aretha Franklin. What does that have to do with anything? It doesn't. It's just an interesting [...]
2015-09-29 01:33:51 UTC (1 year ago) - Related Articles
30 Seconds to Mars
30 Seconds to Mars' Jared Leto and Oscar winning girlfriend Lupita Nyong'o attend the Weinstein Company & Netflix's 2014 SAG after party in partnership with Laura Mercier at Sunset Tower [...]
2015-09-29 00:38:35 UTC (1 year ago) - Related Articles
Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber will have the chalupa with a side order of salvation, please. The “Baby” singer weighs in on a number of topics in his new interview with Complex magazine, including faith. As [...]
2015-09-29 00:09:42 UTC (1 year ago) - Related Articles
In that sense, his garbled language, by confusing everybody, could help him Blur the differences within his caucus. In McCarthy's Monday address, Russia's hybrid warfare became “high-bred [...]
2015-09-28 23:03:18 UTC (1 year ago) - Related Articles
Kelly Clarkson
Ben Haenow has revealed the release date of his new, Kelly Clarkson-featuring single - as well as his debut album. 'Second Hand Heart' will be out on October 9, while his self-titled debut [...]
2015-09-28 23:01:42 UTC (1 year ago) - Related Articles
Jennifer Hudson
A rally for school equality is proving to be a star-studded affair as Grammy Award-winning singer Jennifer Hudson is set to headline the event at Cadman Plaza in Brooklyn, N.Y. this week. Hip-hop [...]
2015-09-28 22:46:32 UTC (1 year ago) - Related Articles
Katy Perry
It's hard not to get a sugar high when attending a Katy Perry concert! But one audience member during the singer's Rio De Janeiro show was high on something completely different! The [...]
2015-09-28 22:34:07 UTC (1 year ago) - Related Articles
Big Sean
The University of South Florida announced performances by comedian Nick Cannon and rapper Big Sean for its Homecoming Superbull XIX celebrations kicking off Oct. 5 and ending with USF football [...]
2015-09-28 22:22:09 UTC (1 year ago) - Related Articles
RiRi looks back at us as she takes her own photo for The Fader's new cover, rocking a baby pink outfit. In other photographs from Fader's shoot, Rihanna lounges while smoking a blunt, wears [...]
2015-09-28 22:21:26 UTC (1 year ago) - Related Articles
Justin Timberlake
On Monday, Daily Mail posted new images of the actress who gave birth to her son, Silas, last April. As she attended The Today Show at Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting in New York City, Biel [...]
2015-09-28 22:19:20 UTC (1 year ago) - Related Articles
It's a huge coup for Harmonix; U2 has long been one of the big-name holdouts for inclusion in the rhythm series, and locking them down closes a critical gap in the Rock Band library. Love U2 or [...]
2015-09-28 22:03:21 UTC (1 year ago) - Related Articles
The Cranberries
Subjects range from batting away cobwebs like a maniac to an astronaut making small talk at a dinner party to the ubiquitousness of cranberries in fruit drinks. The material never goes bad, as [...]
2015-09-28 21:36:41 UTC (1 year ago) - Related Articles
105.7 The Point's 2015 HoHo Shows will include X Ambassadors, Death Cab for Cutie, Greek Fire, Weezer, the Neighbourhood and Of Monsters and Men. Here is the exact rundown of the concerts (note [...]
2015-09-28 21:27:27 UTC (1 year ago) - Related Articles
The Rolling Stones
Three years after releasing From the Vault: Live at the Tokyo Dome 1990 as a download, The Rolling Stones are showcasing this Steel Wheels tour stop again — this time on Blu-ray, DVD and vinyl. [...]
2015-09-28 21:25:42 UTC (1 year ago) - Related Articles
Rolling Stone is a big fan of Myers, noting that she "has a tremendously powerful voice that most immediately recalls Evanescence's Amy Lee." But the magazine questioned why Myers was backed by [...]
2015-09-28 21:10:11 UTC (1 year ago) - Related Articles
Neil Young
Bradley's rendition of "Heart Of Gold" has been a staple of his sets for a long time, but the Tedeschi Trucks Band had never played the Harvest gem before Saturday night. Videographer Rick [...]
2015-09-28 21:07:53 UTC (1 year ago) - Related Articles
Sebastian Ingrosso
While Axwell and Ingrosso, whose full name is Sebastian Ingrosso, started performing officially as a duo last year, they were also part of now-defunct trio Swedish House Mafia, which also comprised [...]
2015-09-28 21:00:41 UTC (1 year ago) - Related Articles
In a way, he's also a throwback to rappers like Nelly, Max B or Ja Rule who also thrived by Blurring the lines of pop and rap not so long ago. To focus back on Fetty's skillset, he's [...]
2015-09-28 20:58:51 UTC (1 year ago) - Related Articles
Nine Inch Nails
On Saturday night at the Regency in San Francisco, Wolfe brought the industrial and doom influences of Abyss to life — bathing the set in a blood red coloring and tasteful Nine Inch Nails-esque [...]
2015-09-28 20:55:21 UTC (1 year ago) - Related Articles
Dire Straits
India 'A' had their counterparts from Bangladesh on the mat after taking a first innings lead of 183 runs and reducing the visitors to 36 for two in the second essay at stumps on [...]
2015-09-28 20:54:13 UTC (1 year ago) - Related Articles
Barry White
... Paul Jensen, Dan Creeden, J.R. Hurlburt, Brandon Walters, Mike Clapperton, Brett Tonkin, Kyle Merkel, Steve Babicek, Matt Latwinski, Brad Rothaupt, Alex Tonkin, Cory Pike, Dave Rosa, Scott [...]
2015-09-28 20:41:54 UTC (1 year ago) - Related Articles
Shania Twain
... question Shania was singing live. It was obvious when she delivered the “OK, so you're Brad Pitt” line with apropos sarcasm during "That Don't Impress Me Much." There was no new [...]
2015-09-28 20:36:56 UTC (1 year ago) - Related Articles
Porter Robinson
Jamie Lidell]" (Fools Gold); Beach Boys, "Good Vibrations [Stanton Warriors Remix]"; Gorillaz, "Feel Good, Inc. [Stanton Warriors Remix]"; Porter Robinson, "Flicker [Mat Zo Remix]" (Astralwerks); [...]
2015-09-28 20:36:04 UTC (1 year ago) - Related Articles
Rage Against the Machine
Rage Against the Machine bassist Tim Commerford has a new band called Wakrat and it's pretty badass! Naturally, as does everything Commerford touches, the band is groovy as hell and incorporates [...]
2015-09-28 20:03:59 UTC (1 year ago) - Related Articles
Stevie Wonder
Life Is Beautiful has the makings of a unique festival, the kind that would be tempting to choose over some of the usual suspects (e.g., Coachella or Lollapalooza). It takes place in the [...]
2015-09-28 19:54:52 UTC (1 year ago) - Related Articles
Global pop sensation and UNICEF goodwill ambassador Shakira performed a somber piano rendition of John Lennon's hit song "Imagine" for Pope Francis during his visit to the United States, [...]
2015-09-28 19:43:21 UTC (1 year ago) - Related Articles
Young Jeezy
Today marks Young Jeezy's 38th birthday, and the “Trap Or Die” rapper has come a long way. While still rapping countless street bars, Jeezy has also had several sobering moments in an [...]
2015-09-28 19:42:07 UTC (1 year ago) - Related Articles
Depeche Mode
Each song was essentially a more emotionally serious version of Men Without Hats' 1982 hit “Safety Dance” or one of its contemporaries. Fittingly, CHVRCHES opened up for Depeche Mode on a [...]
2015-09-28 19:30:06 UTC (1 year ago) - Related Articles
Wiz Khalifa
It's only Monday and already the week is blazing up with a new track from Wiz Khalifa, who released “King of Everything” today. Produced by Cosmo and ID Labs, the track backs up Wiz [...]
2015-09-28 19:29:20 UTC (1 year ago) - Related Articles
At one point, Nemo's Rolento clings to life with a pixel, catching Latif's jump in with U2 and following with some chip damage for the round. Latif, however, score an impressive seven [...]
2015-09-28 19:19:27 UTC (1 year ago) - Related Articles