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Aretha Franklin
Aretha Franklin has some harsh words for a server who showed D-I-S-R-E-S-P-E-C-T by telling the Queen of Soul she wasn't allowed to eat her takeout inside the restaurant.
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Queens of the Stone Age
Unlocking the Truth, the teenage Brooklyn band who signed a $1.7 million contract with Sony Music, including a $60,000 advance on a two-album deal...
2014-07-28 04:17:20 UTC (1 hour ago) - Related Articles
Rage Against the Machine
Knowing Langer, he is wholly unaffected by Irwin's theoretical rage. Langer doesn't do ... 14, a 7-footer for birdie to fight back against Clark's birdie barrage. His main man, Fluff ... [...]
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The White Stripes
I'd regained ownership of them because V2 collapsed, the label The White Stripes were on in America. I got all the records' ownership .... It would be easy to have a place that was very [...]
2014-07-28 02:57:42 UTC (3 hours ago) - Related Articles
The Beatles
Peter Jackson On His Middle Earth Exit, How The Beatles And Stanley Kubrick Peter Jackson is coming to the end of a stay in JRR Tolkien's Middle Earth that has dominated a quarter of the [...]
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The Sex Pistols
The Sex Pistols turned down the chance to reunite at the Olympic Games opening ceremony in London in 2012 because the rockers were stunned by organisers' attempt to invite long-dead drummer [...]
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The Rolling Stones
Returning to the stage following an audience-demanded encore, rock music foursome Constant Reminder let their musicianship shine.
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Rita Ora
He sat with his arm around the back of Rita's chair at one point and wore a black T-shirt which had 'Smile' written on it in large white letters. He also hid behind a cap which had [...]
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Carlos Santana
Carlos Santana hit five home runs in a series at spacious Kauffman Stadium, connecting for two more shots Sunday and leading the Cleveland Indians over the Royals 10-3. Santana tied a team record [...]
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Armin Van Buuren
Last year Stereosonic dropped 74 top-shelf names in their first line-up announcement – headlined by the mainstage trinity of Calvin Harris, David Guetta and Armin Van Buuren – before adding 300 [...]
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Spice Girls
No one could say the Gold Coast lacks talent but two Gold Coast girls are out to prove it having made it into the next round on Nine’s The Voice Kids
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Wiz Khalifa
Wiz Khalifa has expressed his disappointment with fellow rapper Tyga for pulling out of his new North American tour, insisting it was a "wack move".
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Aphex Twin
“Twin,” exploring the dark side of twindom and performed to music by Aphex Twin; “Closing Bell,” a quartet set to Tyondai Braxton's large-scale [...]
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Alice In Chains
Congrats to those who picked up some free Alice In Chains tickets for their upcoming concert on August 11th at the Encana Events Center. For those of you who are hanging your heads in dispair [...]
2014-07-28 00:33:25 UTC (5 hours ago) - Related Articles
Rihanna and Nicki Minaj have never been close, but the divas have spent several years being nice to one another. Lately, the ladies have allegedly become bitter rivals, and the reason for the feud [...]
2014-07-28 00:04:17 UTC (6 hours ago) - Related Articles
The Velvet Underground
Other than The Beatles, no artist in from the '60s was as consistently brilliant as The Velvet Underground, who released four classic albums (not including the Lou Reed-less Squeeze) that were [...]
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Christina Aguilera
2014 has turned out to be a huge year in music. For one, this has been the year of blockbuster tours thanks to Beyoncé and Jay Z, Lady Gaga, Drake and Katy Perry. read more
2014-07-28 00:03:00 UTC (6 hours ago) - Related Articles
Depeche Mode
Tune in to any "Flashback Lunch" hour on oldies radio or '80s retrospective on VH1 and you'll get Duran Duran, Depeche Mode, even Echo & The Bunnymen… but you're unlikely to hear any [...]
2014-07-27 23:58:46 UTC (6 hours ago) - Related Articles
A campaign launched to give Exeter lad and Coldplay frontman Freedom of the city is gaining support – including from the man himself. The award-winning supergroup frontman Chris Martin said the [...]
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Snow Patrol
A-list celebrities are well accustomed to being lavished with free gifts but watch Snow Patrol star Johnny McDaid’s valiant efforts to pay for a ring for his actress fiancée Courteney Cox in a [...]
2014-07-27 23:42:12 UTC (6 hours ago) - Related Articles
“I'm letting all of these feelings out even if it means I fail,” Cuomo sings. There is a lot of energy that pulses out of the song, which promises something new and exciting in store for [...]
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Def Leppard
Not only did Rogen have Youppi, the beloved Montreal Expos mascot, come on stage with a wheelbarrow of Timbits, but he had the Stanley Cup on stage (right-side-up, Def Leppard) and vowed to fulfill [...]
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Robbie Williams
Round Rock rebounded from Saturday night’s shutout by beating the Colorado Springs Sky Sox 8-2 Sunday.
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Taylor Swift
'Everyone's got some embarrassing photo. My high school pictures are, like ... it's tragic,' the 24-year-old says in a video interview with Teen Vogue.
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Infected Mushroom
He's always on tour [with band Infected Mushroom], so we don't see each other that much. It's hard but we make it work." While the Sharknado actress is focused on her career and her [...]
2014-07-27 23:22:50 UTC (6 hours ago) - Related Articles
THEY say music defines a generation. Well, forget about the swinging Sixties, the punk rock of the 70s and the electric 80s. The 90s was when we went all Cool Britannia.
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Adam Lambert
The vultures who have been circling Southampton finally descended this summer and tore great chunks out of the club.
2014-07-27 23:07:26 UTC (7 hours ago) - Related Articles
Barry White
Authorities say a small child died Saturday night after ending up in a swimming pool in Clarke County.
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Brian McKnight
A cantora Tânia Mara e o cantor Brian McKnight gravaram neste domingo (27) o clipe da música Seria Tão Fácil, dueto que está presente no novo CD da brasileira, que será lançado esta semana [...]
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Dire Straits
MANY may walk past homeless people in Dire Straits and hardly ever notice them, but a Griffith teenager has used images she sees every day to help address the troubling social dilemma.
2014-07-27 22:54:34 UTC (7 hours ago) - Related Articles
Beastie Boys
To commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Beastie Boys' landmark album Paul's Boutique , the album will be honored with a mural on the Brooklyn intersection housing the store after which [...]
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